At 10am each Sunday during term time. Come to Church, have fun and learn about Jesus.


Sunday School meets each week during school term. We use lesson material called Kids @ Church program (produced by Youth Works, and published by Christian Education Publications).

'Serious Play' is for 3-5 year olds who learn through play and action. The children are introduced to the Bible, God, Jesus and the Christian faith.

Adventure is for children aged 5 to 7 who learn best through a range of activities. The syllabus caters for a variety of learning styles that can be adapted to suit the children in each class.

'Over the Top’ for 8-11 olds who are growing in confidence and who enjoy working in small groups with others.

A big "thank you" from the K@ch team for those who volunteered last Sunday morning to help in future. It’s great to see so many kids coming to K@ch, and the need will continue, so please think about offering to help out our hard-working team of  Mark Scarano and Naomi Cole.